Family of writers?

This is a repost from my lost first attempt at blogging…someone found it out of nowhere and re-brought it to my attention. Funny how the world works…


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  1. Hi Rae – I’m enjoying your blog! I meant to ask you this earlier, but have you read Ann Patchett’s latest book of essays – This is a Story of a Happy Marriage? She has a couple of really good ones about the writing process.

    1. Thanks, Edie!

      I have not read that, but it is now officially on my summer reading list. I could use a little meditation on the writing process – any kick in the pants or inspiration I can get!

      Welcome home; I have loved your pictures from the trip!

  2. It is difficult for me to take something I wrote years ago and post it here.

    There is much I would like to change, and in some places, I am embarrassed by my choice of phrase (elite, privileged version of the first one going to college – geez, what a jerk I am!), but much of this still rings true to me, and I am still struggling with finding my writer’s identity, so here it is – a reminder of shitty first drafts and the road I am on.

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