I Heart Eighty Degrees

porch Cole

I have no idea what the temperature is outside right now, and it’s still very muggy, but it is well below the high 90s that have blanketed our days in the past few weeks.

There was a big storm last night – the first one to actually spook me in a while – I thought a tree may very well come down on us. The porch door flew open of its own accord; I considered moving into the basement.

But this morning, it was cool in the early hours. I would have rather been sleeping – the storm and a restless baby had left me bereft of the necessary REMs, but Cole and I were up before most others and we swayed with the Ergobaby and coffee on the drenched side porch. Few cars passed by. We could hear frogs from our creek (swamp) and birdsong. It was the first time in a long time that I wanted to be outside. I appreciated that, even as my eyelids pulled down on me.

Now, it is later in the afternoon, and the air is thick and heavy with southern damp, but we are on the screened porch. The rain comes back in short reminder-bursts, seemingly in a steady effort to keep the temperature down and the trees bowing under water’s weight.

Cole is happily, lazily, lounging in a bouncy chair, and I am able to write. He has not approved of being put down the last few days. Maybe I can get ten minutes before he stirs if I set him down asleep; if I’m lucky, I get thirty. It’s as though he struggles with sleep-surrender unless his body touches mine, preferably if I am erect and walking. There is nothing sweeter. Sleep and productivity for me have been staccato.

But now, out of the omnipresent air conditioning, sinking in amidst the swoosh of passing cars, the caws and hoo-hooos (who-whoos?) of large birds, the breath of blown tree limbs, and the intermittent patter of rain, he is soothed: his senses, I imagine, engaged and satisfied beyond what a sound machine provides.


It Takes a Village…

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Yesterday, I took Maya and Cole to a play date at my friend Alys’ house. Our friend Liz was there with her two kids as well. We were all in our birthing class together when pregnant with our first born daughters. Now we each have two kids. Three three-year olds, an almost-two-year old, a newly-one-year old, and now brand new baby Cole. Six kids! We marveled at how much had changed in only three years.

As we were getting shoes on and bags packed up to get ready to go, Alys went outside to help Liz get her kids loaded up in the car. It was just Baldwin (Alys’ almost-two-year old), Maya, and me in the kitchen. I helped Baldwin get down off of a high stool he was on, and Maya said, “You’re the best mommy to everyone, Mommy!”

I melted right there on the spot.

I looked out the window, and I saw Alys starting my car so that it would be cool by the time my kids were ready (it was a 92 degree day), watched her hold the one-year old while Liz got her big kid buckled up, and I said to Maya, “We all help each other. Liz and Alys are the best mommies to everyone also. We are the best because we do it together.”

So so grateful for my wonderful friends and their families; I feel so lucky that our kids will grow up together.

Easing Back In – May in Pictures

To just get myself started again, I am going to ease in by sharing big, beautiful May in pictures. Maybe this can be a new thing – the month in pictures. Nice way to catalogue the memories.

When we moved in to the new house, Maya thrilled in flinging herself against her new big girl bed.
This is her super hero pose



Trying on lipstick
39 weeks and 3 days
39 weeks and 3 days
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North Carolina
The day of...I was mall walking to get things moving...
The day of…I was mall walking to get things moving…

The man of many nicknames is born!

Coltrane Bear Mosher May 9, 2015 (his due date) 9:54 pm 8 lbs, 4 oz 21 inches 1 hour of labor!
'Cole' 'C-Train' 'Bambino Dingo' 'Bam' 'Baby Bear'
‘Cole’ ‘C-Train’ ‘Bambino Dingo’ ‘Bam’ ‘Baby Bear’



My sister, Lily, and her boyfriend, Sam, were here for Cole’s birth and they took Maya to the Museum of Life and Science to give her some special attention after the boy was born.

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Maya took this picture of Uncle Sam and her doll, Megan, in Cole’s carseat

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Auntie Marie and Maya discuss how cool it is to have a brother
Auntie Marie and Maya discuss how cool it is to have a brother

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Sean likes the odd photo apps - but I love this one
Sean likes the odd photo apps 
Maya was reading "Thank You, Bear" to our little Baby Bear
Maya was reading “Thank You, Bear” to our little Baby Bear



Growing tomatoes
Growing tomatoes
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Meeting Uncle Mike Mike
Meeting Uncle Mike Mike




May was truly wonderful.