I Liked It!

Lesson Five: Find something good, share it.

I am kind of sorry to start this post out admitting that I (occasionally) watch the show Shark Tank.  But I guess everyone knows that with a toddler, it’s not like my Friday nights see much action anymore. But I have learned that the show actually has some darn good products on it – and the ones I like usually don’t get sponsored by the Sharks.

I have now bought 4 products from the show – all of which I have been extremely happy with. I have gotten the Scrub Daddy, the Freaker, the Better Life cleaning products, and the one I am going to shout from the rooftops: The Bibbitec Bib.

This bib covers the whole babe: neck, shoulders and knees and is made of material that can be wiped off with a napkin.  It is made by a mom, Susie Taylor, because she saw a need in her own kids and wanted to share her good idea. The Sharks were total downers, telling her that it wasn’t worth the money, that her profit margin was lame and that no one would pay $25 for a bib.

Well, she made the point that the “affordable” bibs just didn’t do the job – they left too much open space, so clothes were always getting spotty.  True that. She made good points and made a product that I had some real use for.  But I also felt her passion – she did not set out to come up with the next pet rock and get rich quick, she believed in her product. I immediately bought one for Bell.

And since then, I have bought one for every baby birthday party I’ve been to.

At one point, I ordered two of the same color for two babies whose birthdays were coming up, and they accidentally only sent me one.  I was worried, and so often customer service is skeptical of the customer (perhaps not believing that my order actually was wrong), but I e-mailed Bibbitec and explained what happened.

Within the day, I got a personal e-mail apologizing and assuring me that another one was on its way.  It was so clear that I was not corresponding with generic customer service – I was reaching the Bibbitec inner circle. I can’t praise them too much for being a small, intimate company, because I actually want them to blow up and be a huge success with a lot of employees, but if they can keep that intimate tone in their customer relations, then they will continue to win moms and dads over.

When my bib arrived, it came with a HANDWRITTEN NOTE from Susie and a coupon for a future order.  They didn’t need to make that gesture; I was already a dedicated customer, but I do so appreciate it.

I think I may have actually said to my husband – “I wish I had a reason to give more money to this company.”

Every time I go to a baby shower, I give the book Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott (hilarious recounting of her first year as a mom) and now, I will also bring a Bibbitec bib.  And since Bibbitec makes bibs for babies and smocks for kids, I will continue to get one for every baby/kid birthday party Bell and I attend.

From the Bibbitec website:

“The Ultimate Bib Original, Baby or Junior is perfect as a soft, non-toxic burp cloth – changing pad – breast-feeding shield – full body bib – placemat – breathable stroller blanket – art smock – “lapkin” and apron. The Ultimate Bib will be there for as long as your child wears a bib.  Once that time comes, the Ultimate Smock will be there to continue to protect your inspired little artist and creative little chef.” 

Bib as Placemat
Bib as Placemat

I was not compensated or cajoled in any way for this post.  I have just been really impressed with this mom and her product and I want to tell as many people as I can that I’m a fan.