Here We Go!

It is time! The story is changing!

Our house is officially on the market.

Outside 1

The plan was to do this last May, but as life would have it, things were delayed. And now, today, the house is ready and we are ready.

Maya has had a few meltdown moments of “But I don’t want to sell Green Home” and Sean and I have had our similar moments. This is the first home we have owned; it is where we brought our baby home and she has grown. Sean has never lived in one place as long as we have been in this house. It has been wonderful, and we are not leaving because that has changed.

We look at it and say to each other, “Yeah, I would buy that again.” We were sold on the private neighborhood (the house sits at the end of a street. Not a cul de sac, just the end of the street) and we have three acres. We can’t really see the houses around us, but it is a nice treat when, in the warmer months, my neighbor sits on his back porch and plays his fiddle.


Sure, with more time and money, there are changes we would make, but the things that sold us four years ago still make me happy every day – the wall of windows on the first floor, the huge windows upstairs, the wooden plank ceilings, the lofts, the deck and screened porch, the creek that runs through the back of our property…

IMG_0892 IMG_0907 IMG_0884 IMG_4967 IMG_4968

It has been such a wonderful home for us, and we are leaving it full of love and appreciation and full of hope that the next family to move in will be just as happy here as we were. It’s time for us to move on to the next stage, but Green Home will forever be our first home as a family.

Here is the link to the official listing on